Why Leslie Phonics? I have an IQ of 135, yet I continuously feel Stupid.

I have the hardest time coming up with the word I need whenever I’m trying to express myself, let alone pronounce it correctly.

I mean, I’ve been in love with the beauty, rhythm, and power of language from my early teens. One of my favorite passions is reading books about the origins of words.

People, I read the dictionary for fun! I listen to audiobooks called Verbal Advantage, Vocabulary not that Scary, and Word Busters, for my enjoyment!

Yet it feels like all my conversations tend to become an impromptu game of ”Sounds Like!”

Hence, all my family and friends have had to learn the language of Leslie; otherwise, known as, you guessed it: Leslie Phonics.

This is just a little blog I’ve started to share some of the many hilarious yet often heartbreaking stories of me.

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